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This journal is friends-only, partly so I know who's reading this, partly because there is a high probability of there being a great deal of the homo-gay here.

Please be aware that if you friend me and then suddenly realize there's homogay here -- or if your parents realize you're reading homogay here, I'm not going to have a lot of sympathy.

Other than that, comments make me feel all squishy and happy inside. Feed the writer!

Also, I may not always check the user info everyday to see if I need to add someone, so if you leave me a note to say hi I'll get the comment notice and realize there's someone to add. If that makes any sense. I'd like it if you told me where you found this, but we're cool.

sorry dudes

If you've been following the RL journal, you know that among other things I have moved to zer beeg citee, turned thirty, got a newish job (different location, basically the same position only with more caregiving) and basically suddenly turned into an urban hipster with a Timbuk2 bag and no car. I am loving the no car business. Still am not losing much weight but suddenly I have cheekbones again, so we'll call that one a wash. But it's been a month and I am nearly settled! Everybody who has asked to be added has been, I think. If not, just poke me until I do. As a reminder, please make sure you are legal In Your Juristriction if you want to friend the journal.
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train gears

IB is out!

yuri: did I send you a copy of Your Woman? The story, not the song
sakki: iya?
yuri: finished it last month, Walter and Frederick
yuri: and I managed to contradict myself on my own canon?
sakki: *holds out paws*
sakki: ... D:
yuri: remember, we were talking about Frederick and Walter, and I said Walter died first, and then it turned out a year ago I'd said Frederick did1?

flamebyrd's better than mine, but you knew that already.

1. chelle_sama looked it up. No, seriously. And she was right! curse all younger twins!
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S, so I guess Imaginary Beasts is out today? I guess Eve didn't end up editing after all because usually her comments about my titles verge on profane.

Go forth, read and comment! and it's about the pirates, if you're interested in them at all. It's more of gen project so I keep it off this journal mostly, although originally it was supposed to be a story for SSBB they're brothers and they're kind of gay but between one thing and another it's gotten past the original PIRATES PLUNDERING thing. Also also originally there was a different uke and he got trashed because he drove me screaming up a wall due to complete lack of backbone and looking doe-eyed and uncertain every five seconds. Lucian, as it turns out, requires someone who can bully him back. Justin was originally a fairly minor character but then I chucked Alex and brought him in and it's going better.

Slowly, but better.
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due to massive amounts of free-floating lame

Shinju Yuri will not have a story in this issue of SSBB, but she will have a story in imaginarybeasts, which is a gen zine run by lacewood that everybody should read because, as usual, people better than me write for it. (In case you're wondering: I have stories under Meg and Roselia Grimm.)

I think Diamond Dazzler wrote for the last issue, come to think of it.

Anyway, IB will be out in a week? or so? I'll announce here when it's released.
korean boys - hyun-woo

end of first story

well, the first story arc anyway because I flat refuse to write them travelling slooooowly across Koryo to the capital.

complete text here.

Also, I spent all last night kicking Hyun-Woo for his whining about filial piety and Sung-Min for attempting to be Sei-chan2, the latter of which I managed to pay back, at least. Which is to say, Sung-Min, foot, meet mouth.

I still think he's obnoxiously overpowered and munchkinish and really I suspect him in my heart of being a Marty-Stu but I can now at least make him twitch.

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